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Volunteer after trip to records officeOne of our volunteers has travelled to Hertfordshire Record Office to examine documents from the Ashridge Collection relating to Whitchurch.

Records dated 1762 & 1763 list purchase of land and property from the Bridgewater Estate. But more importantly, for our project, the occupiers are also listed. The land and property being enfranchised by Bridgewater tenants was situated both in the surrounding countryside as well as the town. Fields, gardens and houses were included.

From this visit, over 30 new names have been added to our All Our Stories Whitchurch Names project.

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    • Jeremy Connell on 06/03/2015 at 7:33 pm
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    My ancestor, Thomas Lyth, lived on the Bridgewater estate at Hadley. son of John Lyth & Elizabeth née Wright, christened, 12/2/1736, Whitchurch.
    Married, 19/2/1765, (29), to Anne Llewellyn, at Whitchurch P.Ch. by licence, wits. Robert Gormstone & John Hyde, both illiterate “x the mark of Thomas Lyth, “u the mark of Ann Llewellin.”
    Thomas died 28/9/1814 “78 years” (77.7), and was buried on 2/10/1814, from Hadley, at Whitchurch.
    There is a cast iron grave marker on the left of the path up to the parish church

    “Ann LYTH died January 24 1798 aged 55 years.
    Thomas LYTH died September 28 1814 aged 78 years.
    Also Richard LYTH their son died February 8 1855 aged 72 years.”

    Any information about this family would be warmly appreciated. The Lyth name also appears in many records in the Shropshire record office. If you are interested in viewing my researches, I can e-mail them to you as a Word document.

    Jeremy Connell.

    • T C A Jenkins on 22/09/2016 at 9:43 pm
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    Are you the Jess Connell who went to the Grammer school about 1950 onwards? Saw your article about Thomad Lyth, no idea who he is though! Hou you doing? Do you remember me—–Tom Jenkins—-or as Tate would say Jenkins T C A .If you do not understand please ignore, I do apologise.

    Regards Tom Jenkins.

    • Jeremy Connell on 16/04/2019 at 3:00 pm
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    Yup, this is I what became an English teacher in Wales

    • Tony Weaver on 24/08/2020 at 5:21 pm
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    Hello Jes I remember both you and Tom Jenkins very well are you aware of any more of our contemporaries still around, I am a retired Pharmacist in Guernse
    Regards Tony Weaver

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