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A Trip to the Metropolis

Four volunteers visited archives in London in the quest for more Whitchurch names The Lloyd’s TSB Archives held records of depositors from Whitchurch Savings Bank starting in 1818 The Library and Museum of Freemasonry had information on members of two early Whitchurch Lodges which existed between 1786 and 1801  

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St Catherine’s Church

Take a look at this 1995 BBC “One Foot In The Past” programme. This shows the interior of one of the Churches included in the Church and Chapel trail we are producing. St Catherine’s appears at 2:56 – 5:38

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Salop Fire Assurance Company

The Salop Fire Assurance Company records have given us some great information. Policies were taken out by tenants insuring their goods, and owners insuring their buildings. When buildings were insured the names and occupations of any tenants were also given. It is the names of these ordinary people, that would not have otherwise come to …

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On the Road

One of our volunteers has travelled to Hertfordshire Record Office to examine documents from the Ashridge Collection relating to Whitchurch. Records dated 1762 & 1763 list purchase of land and property from the Bridgewater Estate. But more importantly, for our project, the occupiers are also listed. The land and property being enfranchised by Bridgewater tenants was …

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1000 Record Landmark

Over 1000 records have been entered in to the Names Index, from these we have extracted 400+ individual surnames relating to Whitchurch. We have also started work on our database, which when complete will able us to search for a surname and subsequently, display all the information we hold on it; including a reference back to …

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The Story so Far …..

We have been busy collecting information relating to the project, team members have been searching records at Shropshire Archives, on-line records, or hands on in the graveyard cutting back the undergrowth! So far we have started data sets for: Apprentices Bankrupts & solicitors Disorder Fire Assurance Newspaper & Printed Material Rate Books St Alkmund’s Donations …

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Alehouse Recognizances

Alehouse Recognizances were early public house licences. The licensee and those who stood surety for them had to appear before the licensing justices every year. A specified sum of money would be paid over to the court as a guarantee for their future good behaviour. Any breach of the conditions would mean the forfeiture of the money …

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21st Century Whitchurch Volunteers

Four present-day Whitchurch volunteers researching the 1803 Whitchurch Volunteers at Shropshire Archives. Reference to the Whitchurch Volunteers has been found in a letter written by the Reverend Edmund Butcher to a lady during the summer of 1803. 

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19th century Whitchurch Volunteers

Research has started at Shropshire Archives for the Whitchurch ‘All Our Stories’ project. Members of the group are currently working through an 1803 enrollment register for the Loyal Whitchurch Corps of Volunteer Infantry. In 1794 the British government feared that the French would invade and encouraged towns to form local defence regiments. The enrollment register …

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